John Maxwell is GHA’s Chief Flight Instructor.

CFI John Maxwell at the dispatch desk.

John is an experienced pilot and an outstanding instructor.

  • He has developed and delivered both private and commercial ground school training programs.
  • He is a seasoned Transport Canada Commercial Pilot, Class II Instructor, Multi Engine as well as an FAA Commercial Pilot, Multi IFR, ATP written.
  • He has over 4000 total hours flight time including 100 instrument and 28 Multi Engine.
  • He has provided over 3200 hours dual flight instruction.

John is a career instructor. While many instructors are building time to move on to ‘get a job as a real pilot’, John enjoys people and teaching them to fly airplanes. John’s collaborative style enables him to build lasting and meaningful relationships with his students.

As GHA’s CFI and Chief Operations Officer John is responsible for all operational aspects of Golden Horseshoe Aviation.