The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four-seat, single-engine, high-wing fixed-wing aircraft. First flown in 1955 and still in production, more Cessna 172s have been built than any other aircraft. The 172 is an ideal training airplane with stable flight characteristics and a well earned reputation for being safe and forgiving.

The Cessna 172R Skyhawk is possibly the most important light aircraft to enter production in the 1990s as it is the modern day development of the most popular GA aircraft in history. Recession and crippling product liability laws in the USA forced Cessna to stop production of light aircraft, including the 172, altogether in 1985. It was not until the signing of the General Aviation Revitalization Act by the US President in August 1994 that Cessna announced it would resume light aircraft production.

The 172R Skyhawk is based on the 172N (the previous major Skyhawk production model), but features a fuel injected Textron Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine. Cessna says it is significantly quieter than the O-320 it replaced as it produces its max power at only 2400rpm.

Other changes include a new interior with contoured front seats which adjust vertically and recline, an all new multi level ventilation system, standard four point intercom, interior soundproofing, and energy absorbing 26g seats with inertia reel harnesses.

The 172R features tinted windows, long range fuel tanks, backlit instruments with non glare glass and an annunciator panel. The 172R is equipped with an IFR GPS and a single axis autopilot

C-GLDH is 1998 Cessna 172R


C-GLDH has a comfortable, modern interior with Avionics suite that includes:

  • Dual Bendix/King KX 155A NAV / COM radios
  • KLN 89B GPS with IFR approach capabilities
  • Bendix/King KAP-140 Autopilot
  • Bendix/King altitude encoding transponder
  • Bendix/King ADF