The GHA Fleet

Golden Horseshoe Aviation uses the Cessna 172 for our student’s training.

  • Qualified pilots who meet GHA standards are eligible to rent an airplane from GHA.
  • To ensure that our fleet is in good hands, GHA manages records of student and pilot ‘currency’.
  • To remain ‘current’ by GHA standards the GHA student pilot must have completed a DUAL training flight in the last 14 days to be allowed to fly SOLO. The GHA pilot must have flown in a GHA airplane in the last 60 days to remain current. If a GHA flight has not been taken in the currency window, then a checkride with an instructor will be required.
  • A pilot who is new to GHA and has not rented from GHA will be required to complete a check-out-procedure.

Authorization to fly a GHA airplane remains the discretion of GHA Chief Flight Instructor, John Maxwell or his designated qualified GHA instructor.

The GHA Training Platform