A Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) will allow you to fly with a maximum of one passenger during the daylight hours in fair weather conditions in Canada.

This permit allows for a float endorsement but does not allow for other endorsements, such as night rating or instrument rating like the Private Pilot licence.

Transport Canada does not require the Recreational Pilot Permit applicant to complete a Ground School program. However GHA recommends that students complete a Ground School program to obtain important information that will both improve their ability to fly and prepare them to upgrade to a Private Pilot License.


The GHA Flight Training prepares you for your Transport Canada Flight Test.

Each learning session in the GHA Flight Training program includes a detailed ground briefing before the flight training exercise. In the briefing, your instructor will outline the objectives of the session and explain the specifics of the exercise.

This will be followed by time spent performing the exercise in one of our low time Cessna 172  airplanes which feature modern avionics including a GPS and an autopilot in the C172R.

Instruction sessions may be DUAL, where an instructor accompanies you on the flight training exercise or may be SOLO where you pilot the airplane alone and use this solo time to practice your lessons. Lessons typically last one hour to optimize the learning process.

While Transport Canada requires that you complete a minimum of 25 hours of flight training, including 5 hours of solo and 15 hours of dual flight experience to get your Private Pilot License, few people obtain their license that quickly and most require 40 hours flight training.

Prices for flying include 2 components.

  • When you are flying DUAL you pay $164 per hour for the airplane and $60 per hour for the instructor.
  • When you are flying SOLO, you only pay for the airplane at $164 per hour.

At GHA, You are NOT required to pay anything up front. You pay for each flight lesson AFTER your flight.

All training completed for this permit may be applied toward a Private Pilot License.

A category 4 or higher medical is required for a Recreational Pilot Permit. A medical examination is not required to begin flight training but is required before the student’s first solo with the standard being at least a valid Category 4 or higher medical.

Golden Horseshoe Aviation is committed to deliver quality education that emphasizes the safe and effective operation of our fleet of late model airplanes. GHA’s modern executive-class training center is supported with the latest technology including an online reservation system which is accessible from your PC, Tablet or SmartPhone.

Learning to fly at Hamilton International Airport provides you with the training and proficiency to navigate sophisticated controlled airspace, in an location where practice areas are just a short flight from the airport. This maximizes your learning experience and ensures efficient use of your training time.