Golden Horseshoe Aviation’s Private Pilot Flight Training

Is a structured program of learning sessions delivered by experienced instructors and designed to provide you with the necessary skills to safely and confidently pilot a single engine airplane.

The Private Pilot Training program at GHA involves 2 streams including Ground School and Flight Training as depicted in this slide. Each stream prepares you for a Transport Canada Examination.


Ground School

Ground School prepares you to write the Transport Canada Written Examination.

Transport Canada requires that you receive a minimum of 40 hours of ground school instruction, including the following subjects: Meteorology, navigation, human factors, licensing, flight ops, flight instruments, airframes and engines, radio and electronic theory and aerodynamics and theory of flight. The applicant will have to score 60% or higher in each of the four subjects covered in the exam—Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation and Aeronautics General Knowledge. A score of 60% or higher overall is also required. The applicant will write the Private Pilot exam (PPAER).

At GHA, the ground school is designed so that you can join the sequence at any time and continue through the program until you have completed the material The Ground School is run on a 15 week cycle with a series of independent units. You can join at almost anytime, and continue until you complete the sections which cover the prescribed topics.

The class room training is delivered using modern technology tools in a comfortable executive boardroom setting. Instruction is supported with Web based e-learning tools.

When you are ready to take your written examination, the Transport Canada Hamilton testing center is conveniently located next door to GHA’s training center.

Ground School Classes are run every Wednesday evening from 6:15 to 9:15 in the GHA executive board room.

In addition to the regular evening classes, when demand warrants, GHA schedules Weekend Ground School courses throughout the year. This special program runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on Saturday to provide the busy professional the opportunity to complete their training on their terms.

Ground School covers all of the ‘academic and technical’ aspects of flying.

Ground School is $325 and a training kit with a document bag, text books, flight computer etc is $295.

Flight Training

Flight Training prepares you for your Transport Canada Flight Test.

Transport Canada requires that:

  • Applicants complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight training, including 12 hours of solo and 17 hours of dual flight experience.
  • The solo time will include at least 5 hours of cross country time during which a 150 nautical mile cross country flight with landings at at least 2 airports away from Hamilton will be achieved.
  • During the dual flight time, there will be at least 3 hours of cross country flight time and at least 5 hours of instrument training
  • A flight test with a Transport Canada designated examiner is required to complete the course and earn the Private Pilot Licence.

Each learning session in the GHA Flight Training program includes a detailed ground briefing before the flight training exercise. In the briefing, your instructor will outline the objectives of the session and explain the specifics of the exercise.

This will be followed by time spent performing the exercise in one of our low time Cessna 172s which feature modern avionics including GPS and an autopilot in the C172R.

Instruction sessions may be DUAL, where an instructor accompanies you on the flight training exercise or may be SOLO where you pilot the airplane alone and use this solo time to practice your lessons. Lessons typically last one hour to optimize the learning process.

While Transport Canada requires that you complete a minimum of 45 hours of flight training, including 12 hours of solo and 17 hours of dual flight experience to get your Private Pilot License, few people obtain their license that quickly and most require 60-70 hours flight training.

Prices for flying include 2 components.

  • When you are flying DUAL you pay $164 per hour for the airplane and $60 per hour for the instructor.
  • When you are flying SOLO, you only pay for the airplane at $164 per hour.

At GHA, You are NOT required to pay anything up front. You pay for each flight lesson AFTER your flight.

A category 3 or higher medical is required to obtain a Private Pilot licence. A medical examination is not required to begin flight training but the medical certificate must be issued prior to the student’s first solo flight. The medical must be issued by a Certified Aviation Medical Examiner (CAME), authorized by Transport Canada. GHA will provide you with a list of CAME in the area.

Golden Horseshoe Aviation is committed to deliver quality education that emphasizes the safe and effective operation of our fleet of late model airplanes. GHA’s modern executive-class training center is supported with the latest technology including an online reservation system which is accessible from your PC, Tablet or SmartPhone.

Learning to fly at Hamilton International Airport provides you with the training and proficiency to navigate sophisticated controlled airspace, in an location where practice areas are just a short flight from the airport. This maximizes your learning experience and ensures efficient use of your training time.

Cost for the PPL