The cost to obtain a Recreational Pilot Permit is a function of how long you take to be ready for the Transport Canada Flight and Written tests and what type of airplane you are training in.

A good estimate is in the $8,000 range when you factor in all of the fees associated with the process.

There are several components of cost in your training:

  • Medical Examination from a TC approved Physician
  • Ground School Tuition & Supplies (although optional by TC standards, it is recommended)
  • Aircraft Rental during your flight training
  • Flight Instructor Time during your flight training
  • Transport Canada Fees for Flight & Written Examination

Many flight schools will quote you on the costs based on Transport Canada Minimum requirements of 25 hours. Costs based on this set of assumptions yields the following:

It is rare however that a student is able to complete the training in the Transport Canada minimum time period and a more realistic view of the cost is based on 35 hours of flight training and additional instructor time. These changes translate into the following:

Each student’s learning curve and training progress will differ based on their learning style and abilities.

In addition to these costs you will need to invest in a Headset which depending on quality will vary from $100 to $1,000.

Some schools add additional costs for
Insurance Waivers,Fuel Surcharges, Headset Rental etc.

GHA does not have additional fees.