Kids learn about becoming a pilot!


An exciting, one of a kind experience for children aged 11-14.

Get introduced to all aspects of becoming a Private Pilot.

This engaging three hour program at GHA includes a:

  • 30 minute instruction on the theory of flight and basic airplane operations
  • 30 minute flight planning session
  • 30 minute Aviation Radio Communications training session
  • 30 minute flight in a full motion Redbird FMX1000 flight simulator
    • (Participants can choose to fly anywhere in the world)
  • 60 minute flight to Niagara Falls, serving as the pilot of a Cessna 172 airplane with an experienced Transport Canada certified flight instructor.
    • (participant involved in taxi procedures, take off, and basic flight maneuvers, instructor does radio work and lands the airplane)

All participants receive an individual Pilot Training Record (PTR) which logs the flight time and counts with Transport Canada towards a Private Pilots License.

Only $399.00