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There are two streams of Flight Training available

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Private Pilot Stream


The Private Pilot Licence allows the holder to fly as pilot or co-pilot of a single engine airplane. This is the most commonly held licence in Canada and is generally the first licence earned by the aspiring professional pilot. This licence allows the holder to fly a Canadian registered Airplane anywhere in the world.

Only day time flying of a single engine, non-high-performance airplane in accordance with Visual Flight Rules (VFR) is allowed with a PPL.

Other ratings can be added including:

  • Seaplane rating
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Night rating
  • VFR-Over-the-Top rating
  • Instrument rating

A pilot with this licence may also act as a pilot of an ultra-light airplane.

A pilot with this licence cannot work for “hire or reward”.

More information on the Private Pilot LIcence

Recreational Pilot Stream


The Recreational Pilot Permit is designed to make flying more affordable. It has fewer requirements with respect to training and affords more restrictive privileges compared to the private pilot licence.

This permit allows a person to fly as pilot of an airplane. This permit can be endorsed with either the seaplane class rating.

Only day flying in a single engine, non-high-performance airplane under VFR inside Canada is allowed. This permit is restricted to single engine airplanes designed for a maximum of four people, but is only allowed to fly with one passenger.

A pilot with this permit may also act as pilot of an ultra-light airplane.

More Information on the Recreational Pilot Permit

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