$699 IFR Renewal Special

Golden Horseshoe Aviation uses their Redbird FMX 1000 at CYHM to supplement flight training and now you can use this affordable tool to renew your single or multi instrument rating.

The GHA Redbird is TC certified and can be configured as either a single engine Cessna 172S or a twin engine Piper Seminole – PA44.

The GHA IFR Renewal Package is still only $699 and includes:

  • 2.0 hours of dual IFR instruction in the GHA Redbird full motion flight simulator
  • 1.0 hour of ground time with one of our IFR flight instructors
  • IFR renewal ride in the Redbird Simulator
  • IFR examiner fee for the GHA IFR examiner
  • Transport Canada rating fee

Renewing your single or multi IFR rating in the GHA Redbird allows you to maintain your currency for considerably less cost than the alternative.