About GHA

Golden Horseshoe Aviation (GHA) was launched in 2011 to provide busy professionals in the Golden Horseshoe Area of southern Ontario with an alternative flight training solution.

GHA is a full service flight school operating at the John C Munroe – Hamilton International Airport.


Ground School training.
Flight training on a fleet of late model airplanes.
Single & Multi Engine IFR training in a “State-of-the-Art”, full motion flight simulator.
Aerial sightseeing tours across the Golden Horseshoe Area.

At GHA, we understand that you are busy and your flight training needs to fit in with the many other demands of your personal and business life. We’ve designed our program around your busy schedule. We focus on optimizing your investment of time and money.GHA is different from many other flight schools.

  • Our experienced instructors develop your training schedule to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • We train on a fleet of late model Cessna 172 airplanes that are equipped with modern avionics including integrated GPS and auto-pilot.
  • We provide training in a comfortable ‘executive-class’ office and class room setting.
  • We teach you to fly from the controlled airspace of Hamilton International Airport, so you are prepared to confidently fly the busy skies.
  • Your practice areas are just minutes away from the airport.

We use the latest technology for all aspects of the flight training experience: from scheduling your training flights, to providing your ground school training, to briefing before and after your training flight, to using a state-of-the-art, full motion flight simulator to augment instrument time in the airplane.

Contact us by telephone at 289.280.0172 or by email at info@flygha.com